A special Fathers's Day Poem

written in memory of my father and read at his funeral, March of 1999

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Dad’s Example

By your example,

We learned honesty and generosity,

You never refused anyone who needed help.


By your example,

We learned how to work hard,

We learned how to do whatever needed to be done.


By your example,

We learned that with a little know-how,

Desire and determination

We could do anything we wanted.

You were a cattleman, harvester,

Mechanic, electrician, plumber,

Businessman, and inventor.


By your example,

We learned to be there.

You went to basketball games,

Music concerts, Christmas programs, and PTA meetings.


By your example,

We learned to laugh and smile

In spite of our circumstances.


Because of your example,

We are proud to call you Dad.

And while we shed tears of sorrow,

The angels rejoice and we are glad.


By Debbie Garrett for Elden Bear (1918-1999)


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