The Perfect Christmas Gift

When I was a little girl
I wished for all the world
That underneath our Christmas tree
There would be the perfect gift for me.

While I knew that it was love I sought,
I did not know love could not be bought,
And placed in a package, topped with a bow,
For, you see, Jesus I did not know.

The years went by, the gifts were fine,
But they could not touch this heart of mine.
When I met Jesus and shared in His love,
I knew this was the gift I was in want of.

The perfect gift, it lasts all year,
Of being broken, there is no fear.
It’s always the right color, always the right size.
The gift of Jesus, alone, satisfies.

Gifts that are wrapped in ribbon and bows
Are great, there’s nothing wrong with those.
But the perfect gift that lasts all the year through
Is the gift of Jesus God gave to you.

By Debbie Garrett
written for my 3 children
December 4, 2000






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