Cancer Awareness Teddy Bear Angels

A variety of cancer patient gifts on one page.  Just choose your dress color.

Ovarian Cancer Angel Bear, one of many cancer awareness teddy bears to choose from


Finding out you have cancer and will need to go through treatment is at the very least, a difficult time in your life.  Having been through cancer treatment twice, I understand how important it is to know that people care about you and are praying for you.  These teddy bears, dressed in angel dresses representing the cancer colors, are just little reminders for the patient that they are loved and cared about.  If you know someone going through cancer treatment and would like to send them a teddy bear reminder, I have the colors shown below available. Each dress will be trimmed in white ribbon and lace. The teddy bear pictured comes in 3 colors - white, beige, and light tan.  I will give you options on the fur colors that I have in stock at time of your order.  Each bear will come with a small "Praying For You" or "Thinking of You" which you can choose in the form below.  Or you can choose your own wording.  You can also choose from gold, silver, or white halo and wings set in the form below.

Pictures of dress colors are below.  Teddy bears in dresses will be pictured as they become available.  Click here to see a picture of the 3 colors of teddy bear fur. (It will open in a new window.)  If there is a color of dress that you want that is not shown here, please use my contact form to ask if it is available.


Size: Approx. 7" high x 7" wide in sitting position

Allow approximately 1 to 2 weeks for completion.

How to order: See instructions above the form below




Bladder Cancer - yellow

Bladder Cancer Angel

in yellow - $27.50

Breast Cancer - Pink

Breast Cancer Angel

in pink - $27.50

Colon Cancer - brown

Colon Cancer Angel

in brown - $27.50

Colon Cancer - Navy

Colon Cancer Angel

in navy- $27.50

Leukemia or Kidney Cancer - orange

Leukemia or Kidney Cancer Angel

in orange - $27.50

Lung Cancer - white

Lung Cancer Angel

in white/pearl - $27.50


 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Angel Bear

Ovarian Cancer Angel

in teal - $27.50

Larger Image

 Pancreatic Cancer - Purple

Pancreatic Cancer Angel

in purple - $27.50


Thyroid Cancer - Blue 

Thyroid Cancer Angel

in light blue - $27.50


Uterine Cancer - peach

Uterine Cancer Angel

in peach - $27.50


Lymphoma Cancer - red

Lymphoma Cancer Angel

red - $27.50

All Cancers and Survivors - lavendar

All Cancers and Survivors Angel

in lavender - $27.50

stomach or esophageal cancer - periwinkle

Stomach or Esophageal Cancer Angel

in periwinkle - $27.50

Brain Cancer - gray

 Brain Cancer Angel

in  gray - $27.50

 cancer caregivers - plum

Cancer Caregivers Angel

in plum - $27.50



How to order: Using the form below, you must first enter the quantity of teddy bear angels you want to purchase in the Option 1 row. Then check the box by the dress color and wings/halo color you desire. Click on "Add to Cart" and everything will be added to my shopping cart at once.  If you are ordering multiple angels please use my contact form here to let me know what color goes with what color of wings/halo set.

Purchase your Teddy Bear Angel

Option 1 Cancer Awareness Angel Bear $27.50

Choose Dress Color             

Option 2 Yellow $0.00
Option 3 Pink $0.00
Option 4 Brown $0.00
Option 5 Navy $0.00
Option 6 Orange $0.00
Option 7 White $0.00
Option 8 Teal $0.00
Option 9 Purple $0.00
Option 10 Lt. Blue $0.00
Option 11 Peach $0.00
Option 12 Red $0.00
Option 13 Lavender $0.00
Option 14 Periwinkle $0.00
Option 15 Gray $0.00
Option 16 Plum $0.00

Choose Wings/Halo Color

Option 17 Gold $0.00
Option 18 Silver $0.00
Option 19 White $0.00

Choose Sign

Option 20 Praying For You $0.00
Option 21 Thinking of You $0.00
Option 22 Your Wording $0.00


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