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Read here as to why some items have been removed from my site.



Some items have been removed from my website and are temporarily unavailable for sale.  Due to the new Consumer Product Safety  Improvement Act (CPSIA HR 4040), which governs the lead limits in ALL products for children under the age of 13, I have taken these products off the site until I know if I can legally sell them.  With this new law ALL products (toys, clothing, books, sporting equipment, bikes, room decor, etc., etc) for children under the age of 13 must be tested for lead content.  The cost to have an item tested is very expensive (hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars) and I cannot afford to do that and I doubt if you want to pay to have that done either.


Until I have a clearer understanding of whether or not there is any way my items can be legally sold without having them tested, I simply can't take the chance of selling them.  I know of no lead hazard ever being associated with the plush animals I use, or the fabric, ribbons, etc.  But this law says that I must have proof of  their innocence in order not to be guilty of non-compliance. There has been a 1 year stay of enforcement while clarifications are made, but the liabilities are still there.  Without testing them, I have no way at this time to be reasonably sure that the lead content is under the legal limits.  This law is still being worked on, but the limits still apply, as do the penalties (such as $100,000 fine and possibly 5 year jail time).  If at some point in the future, I find that my products are okay the way they are, I will offer them again.

I have simplified the law down to the area that affects my products, that being room decor as I have stated since the beginning that my teddy bears are NOT TOYS. It is a very broad law and I wouldn't begin to try to explain all of the ramifications and all of the areas of business that will eventually be affected by this.  I understand very little of the law myself, as it is written by those who speak in legalese and that is not a language that I speak.


If you would like to read the law itself, or read some very matter of fact blogs about the law, you can follow these links. 



THESE ARE NOT TOYS!  These are decorative items with glued components,
not suitable for children to play with. None of these items are intended for children under the age of 13.

None of my items are on a shelf ready to be shipped same day.  I keep the clothing of some items in stock and those may be available to ship the same day as ordered, but this is a very rare occurence.  I always suggest contacting me before ordering if you must have something within one week's time, as transit time must also be considered.

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